About us

We are a company dedicated to the Provision of Integral Logistics Services, Business Management and International Procurement with more than 15 years of experience in the global commercial interconnection with the Colombian-Venezuelan market. We are known for providing support and solidity to our partners in the handling of their products from anywhere in the world to their destination.


Offer our partners transport, logistics and global and competitive business management services in an efficient and constant manner that lead them to generate economic and social value through strategic solutions designed for our customers.

We synchronize the supply chain of our partners through transportation and freight, logistics and global business management, customs brokerage, consulting services and strategic solutions to the industry tailored to each customer.


Create a business interrelation system adapted to the reality of the market, eliminating barriers to take full advantage of the capabilities of International Commercial Intermediation.

Security policy

At INSEROCA S.A.S we offer safe and reliable solutions in National and International Business Management, International Trade Advice, Import and Export of Merchandise, Customs Brokerage, International Cargo Transportation and Reception of Products, committing ourselves to:

Satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties through compliance with applicable contractual, technical and legal requirements.

Promote the participation and consultation of workers and other interested parties in the operation of the Control and Safety Management System.

Prevent the embodiment of illegal activities such as money laundering, smuggling, drug trafficking, trafficking of substances for narcotics processing, terrorism, financing of terrorism, arms trafficking, corruption and bribery, through the implementation of appropriate security measures. to protect our supply chain operations.

Comply with the applicable legal requirements regarding security in the supply chain

Continuously improve the results and effectiveness of the Control and Security Management System.


Respect and Commitment

The achievement of our strategic objectives and that of our customers depends directly on our commitment to the practice of the key values that we have upheld.

Constancy and High Quality of service

We ensure that each of our services meet the highest quality standards.

Passion for customer service

We ensure that our customers experience is always comfortable, we make it easy and viable for them to provide our service.

Creation of Social Value

We care about generating a positive impact on society through business strategies that are responsible for adding a shared value with it, strengthening reciprocal solidarity, the preservation of peace, respect among all, moral imagination, care for the earth, good governance, the ability to dialogue and, above all, deep respect for human dignity.

Environmental Awareness

In our corporate behavior, we promote positive actions that encourage the rational use of the resources that our planet offers us.